Idlewild is Everywhere

The origin of Idlewild is the Edelweiss, an alpine flower that grows in the mountains of Austria, Romania, Switzerland and the surrounding regions. Edelweiss is said to bloom on beautiful days in the mountains, and the flower is just as scarce as those good weather days. The flower is a symbol of purity, and the kind of rugged self-sufficiency associated with mountaineering. The beauty of the word itself found its way into the English language in the form of Idyllwild, and now in the United States, Idlewild is everywhere. Idlewild is a water sports theme park in Pennsylvania, a jazz musicians retreat in Michigan and a climbing area in California (Idyllwild).

The inspiration for Idlewild Adventure Company came at a time when Ryan Cavender launched a series of adventures from his place on Idlewild Circle in Birmingham, AL that set him on course to becoming a climbing guide. Idlewild means many things to many different people, and for many it is tied to a memory of a place, but to us it just means being outside, appreciating as many moments as possible and sharing adventures with good people.