Climbing Grades Unexplained

The thing to know about climbing grades is that while there is some consensus, there is seldom wholehearted agreement.

Different boulder problems and rock routes will seem more or less difficult to different climbers based on height, reach and many other variables. It may be true that there is a grade in the guidebook, and that we may as well agree to go with it, but there will always be those who say otherwise, so let’s just agree that the numbers and letters are there to give us an idea of what we’re getting into. Grades are “ish”.

Lastly, give careful consideration to sharing your opinion on grades. Are you contributing a productive thought or protecting your ego? Is what you are saying inspiring a fellow climber to train harder to progress, or did you just diminish the accomplishment of anyone within earshot by claiming that what they just climbed is soft for the grade, etc.

Be a conscious climber friend.

Ryan Cavender